Finally, version 1.2 is out

In a mere 3.5 days the new version of my Thingspeak client app landed on App Store. Just to ket you know, the next beta is already provided to internal testers with many more functions. I just can’t wait to publish 1.3. 😀

Things Speak 1.2 is waiting for review now

After a couple of days of struggling with the iPhone screen I finally managed to release a new build with many long awaited features. One of the app store review gave me the idea to extend the capabilities of the app with more chart types like column or filled lines. Now both of them are in the app.

Also timescale, average and sum is available now to reduce the visible measured points on a 10..1440 minutes base. So if you have a lot of data in the last 3 months, there is now an option to see the trends by selecting different functions.

Timescale values are the real measurements, while average and sum is the mathematical representations for the given period.

I have added a feature to update the last opened channel when the app resumes from the background (if it was not terminated by the iOS due to memory issues), but a new button was also added to have manual refreshing options.

Two new buttons were added to have a more precise input for start and end dates. If these are set, the app will collect data between the given dates.

I hope all of you will enjoy the new features.

Things Speak

Things Speak is a nice and lightweight application to monitor your thingspeak channels on the go. No matter if your project is already public or in development stage it can be accessed by its channel id and your read API key.

Things Speak logo


The app has a tailored GUI for your phone to keep it nice and tidy and present the information you need. Set your channel id, define your API key if it is neccessary and that’s it. Four different chart types support your needs to visualize your data on the best way. Average, sum and timescale can help to reduce the network traffic while providing a wider time window.

iPhone setup

When the data is collected landscape mode is designed to present the chart and nothing more.

 iPhone chart only

While portrait mode is still provides the settings to customize the chart.

iPhone portrait with chart

As a unique feature you can add one more field to the chart to compare the data and find correlations.

comparison on iPhone

To keep all the followed channels at hand you can save as many channel ids with the related API keys,

iPhone save view

Opening the app and repeating all the settings can take a lot of time. Why you are wasting time when Things Speak offers two widget types to either check the last report or view the fields just on the main screen!

iPhone widgets


On iPad the app utilizes the bigger screen and provides all the options and favourites in one place..
iPad split view

While you can have all the features, like comparing the fields with each other.
iPad split view with comparison chart

And of course the bigger screen has more space for the chart-only view.

iPad fullscreen column chart

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