Things Speak 1.2 is waiting for review now

After a couple of days of struggling with the iPhone screen I finally managed to release a new build with many long awaited features. One of the app store review gave me the idea to extend the capabilities of the app with more chart types like column or filled lines. Now both of them are in the app.

Also timescale, average and sum is available now to reduce the visible measured points on a 10..1440 minutes base. So if you have a lot of data in the last 3 months, there is now an option to see the trends by selecting different functions.

Timescale values are the real measurements, while average and sum is the mathematical representations for the given period.

I have added a feature to update the last opened channel when the app resumes from the background (if it was not terminated by the iOS due to memory issues), but a new button was also added to have manual refreshing options.

Two new buttons were added to have a more precise input for start and end dates. If these are set, the app will collect data between the given dates.

I hope all of you will enjoy the new features.

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