Simple SSH Remote

Simple SSH Remote was a project created control home appliances (e.g. garage door, alarm system, christmas lights) from a mobile phone using a Raspberry Pi and executing python scripts on its GPIO ports.

The app can be used for more as it can execute any command on an ssh server. So if you are a system administrator, the command or script can remotely rotate a log file, shut down the server immediately, or anything you specify. Of course the app itself cannot create the remote script or command to be executed, some preliminary work is required.

If you are on the same network with the server, the app can work without any further settings. However reaching private networks from the public internet one might require some fiddling on the router used to separate the private network (e.g. port forwarding).

The app has four programmable buttons an an output screen to view the server’s answers

When the output is green, there were no communication problems.

The app comes with demo examples how to use it, no connection is required to try. But of course you will need to modify the parameters according to your environment.

Hurry! The app is free now, you can download it from the App Store!